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Conference Facilitator & RFP FAQs

Q1: When and where is the conference? On which day would I be facilitating?

·       October 4, 2018

·       Lynnwood Convention Center (3711 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036)

Q2: What is the theme of this year’s conference?

·       Innovation for Success:  Honing Your Competitive Edge

Are you or your team doing something that’s cutting edge and exciting?  Is what are you doing driving success through innovation?  To remain competitive in this rapidly growing and increasingly globalized economy, individuals and companies must be more creative and innovative to be successful.  This innovation impacts the entire spectrum, from the individual to the organization and beyond to the global perspective.  What are you doing internally or on a larger platform to increase your team’s competitive edge?

In a nutshell: What are your innovative success stories that will help attendees and their organizations’ hone their competitive edge?

Q3: What topics are buzzworthy this year?

Based on the theme of the conference and ongoing feedback from our membership, attendees are interested in a range of topics. Some of the ones sure to generate interest include:

·       Technology in Training!

§       We live and work in the greater Puget Sound area, show us your cutting edge technology!

§       How are you enlisting technology to reach a broader audience?

§       What are you doing that’s engaging and exciting?

·       Future of Learning

§       Innovative trends

§       Globalization impacts

·       Personal Development

§       Leading others

§       Developing your own capacity and edge

§       Cultivate wellbeing with optimal performance and learning

·       Organizational Success in Learning

§       Designing learning to achieve successful results

§       Identifying and measuring key business indicators to remain competitive

§       Designing innovation with impact

Q4: How much time do I have for my session?

·       Sessions will be 30-60 minutes.  Plan your session accordingly to fit your opening, body of content and wrap up into this time frame.  Please indicate in your RFP your ranking of session preference (30, 45, 60 minutes). 

Q5: How will my RFP be evaluated?

RFPs will be reviewed by the Program Planning Committee (the “Committee”). The Committee is composed of individuals from the field with significant experience in a variety of learning and development areas. Committee members are assigned to develop the program content and review all proposals submitted.  The Director of Conference and Partnerships assists with coordinating the activities of the Committee.

The Committee will rigorously review each RFP submitted. RFPs that have stood out from the pack in the past included qualities such as:

·       Relevance

§       Applicability to the conference’s target audience

§       Alignment with the conference’s theme and objectives

§       Interest to the local, regional, national and international community

§       Is the topic exciting and cutting edge?

·       Facilitator Excellence

§       Expertise with the topic

§       Experience facilitating learning events and/or speaking to large groups

§       Ability to connect and engage with an audience in a passionate, energizing way

·       Session Innovation

§       How does the topic inspire and excite the attendee?

§       Utilizing best practices (lose the lecture!  Use interaction, case studies and practical tools like technology to engage the audience)

§       Linkage of content with the session’s learning objectives

§       Advice and resources that inspire a call to action and can be put into practice immediately after the conference

§       Realistic amount of content for session time

·       Meets Requirements

§       Completeness, accuracy and clarity of the proposal (proposals that do not follow the application instructions will not be considered)

§       Receipt of the completed RFP by June 30th at midnight

The Committee will notify all facilitators of their final status after the evaluation process is complete, no later than the RFP status notification date.

Q6: Do I need to be an ATD national or ATD Puget Sound member to be a facilitator?

·       No, you don’t need to be a member to be considered as a facilitator. With that said, consider joining ATD Puget Sound and keep your learning going year round. Membership registration can be found on the chapter website.

Q7: What are the guidelines for the video clip to accompany the RFP?

The goal of the video is to help the Committee get a sense for each facilitator's style and ability to engage the learner. We're not looking at video production quality so it doesn't need to be professionally produced or fancy. If you have existing footage of you facilitating or speaking and you believe it showcases you, use that! If you don't have anything available, use your mobile phone or computer webcam and utilize modern technology to get creative and innovative.

·       File format: A common video file format playable in a standard media player is appreciated (e.g. .wmv, .mp4, .mpeg, .avi)

·       Length: About five minutes is recommended. If it is an existing video and it is longer in length, don't worry about trimming it, but please indicate the section you would like the Committee to focus on (if applicable).

·       Subject matter: There is no formal content requirement. If you are creating something just for the RFP submission, consider topics from your facilitation experience, why you are interested in being a part of this conference, how you choose your session topic and/or the value you get from ATD. If you are using an existing video, subject matter is at your discretion.

·       Submission of the video:

§       If it is already online and public (e.g. your website, YouTube) or you are able to post it online, provide the URL in your RFP

§       If you are able to post it online (e.g. your website, YouTube, personal drive such as Google Drive or DropBox), provide the URL once it has been uploaded 

§       If you are not able to post it online, contact Christy Houghton, Conference Manager for submission assistance

Submitting a video is a requirement for all the facilitators applying since not everyone on the selection committee may have seen you.

Q8: Any tips/best practices for writing a great proposal?

·       Know Your Target Audience!

§       A majority of the conference participants are full-time talent development practitioners, training directors, organizational development staff, government trainers, consultants, performance consultants, learning technologists, HRD managers, chief learning officers and professors from the Puget Sound Region.

§       The conference audience ranges from novice part-time practitioners to highly experienced full-time professionals. Please identify and designate your intended audience in your RFP.

·       “Guide on the Side”, Not “Sage on the Stage”

§       How you plan to deliver your session is as important as the content. ATD is the leader in workplace learning and performance and we want the conference education program to reflect that leadership. We select presentations in which the learning format is aligned with the content. Keep in mind the following when you are preparing your proposal:

  • Limit your use of PowerPoint as a delivery method (maximum of 25% lecture or presentation)
  • Design interactive ways to engage with the participants and have them engage with each other.  The theme is Innovation for Success – have fun and be innovative!
  • Design sessions to maximize transfer of learning
  • Ensure that content supports and aligns to the conference objectives and participants’ application in the workplace
  • Model the concepts you are delivering in the session
  • Reflect and support your content in your materials and resources
  • Avoid sales pitches for products and services

·       Session Description

 Write your description clearly and concisely, focusing the description on the content that will be delivered (as opposed to an editorial on the topic or an advertisement for the facilitator or topic). Write in the second person (“you”) and avoid references to the facilitator and his/her published work by title. Support your statements with appropriate citations of published works or studies.

Q9: What are the key dates for proposal submission, review and conference prep?


will do what…


and due by…


Complete and Submit your RFP application


Saturday, June 30, 2018


Notifies you of your final RFP status

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Complete the forms/actions in the Facilitator’s Packet*

On receipt

Friday, July 20, 2018


Submit your final session materials (e.g. PPTs, handouts, etc.) to ATDps


Friday, September 7, 2018


Be available to answer questions, coach and support you as you prepare


Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Facilitate your session and have fun!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018

*A Facilitator Packet will be sent to facilitators with accepted RFPs. It contains forms to complete including room setup preferences, speaker biography and photo, and photo release form.

Q10: What is your policy on using my session to advertise or endorse my favorite products or services (including my own)?

·       ATDps’ conference education programs are learning experiences and as such are noncommercial. As a facilitator you should refrain from using brand names and endorsing specific products.

·       Under no circumstances should the podium be used as a place for direct promotion of your products, services or monetary self-interests. You also must refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group. ATDps continues to seek and provide a balanced slate of facilitators with a diversity of backgrounds, viewpoints, and organizational affiliations.

Q11: Will ATDps cover my travel expenses and conference registration? Do you pay an honorarium for facilitators?

As a nonprofit educational association, ATDps does not pay an honorarium for session presentations at this conference.

You must cover all your individual travel and lodging expenses (as applicable).

The conference gives one complimentary facilitator registration for 30-60 session and may attend the conference for free.  Please note: if planning a co-facilitated session, the conference will give one complimentary registration per session; the co-facilitator is responsible for their own registration fee. Complimentary registrations are non-transferrable.

The conference gives one complimentary facilitator registration for each panelist and moderator for the 90-minute session.  Please note there are only two available spots for panel discussion.  Panel discussions are limited to 4 individuals and includes the moderator.  Complimentary registrations are non-transferrable.

Q12: How many facilitators can I have in my session?

Sessions are generally limited to one facilitator, should you need two, please contact Christy Houghton, Conference Manager. Panels are limited to four panelists including one moderator for a total of four. Exceptions to these limits must be approved by ATDps.

Facilitators are limited to delivering one session. Facilitators may serve on a panel in addition to delivering one session.

Q13: How many RFPs may I submit?

·       Each individual or organization may submit up to two session proposals each.

·       Any proposals submitted in excess of this limit will be deleted from the system based on the date of submission. Please submit your very best proposals and coordinate with your colleagues when submitting from large organizations. 

·       Only one proposal per company or individual facilitator will be selected. 

Q14: Who do I contact if I still have questions or need more help with my RFP?

Should you have questions or concern, please contact Christy Houghton, Conference Manager



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