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April 2019 Newsletter

 Chapter Newsletter

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ASTD Chapter Newsletter
                                                                                April 2019 Issue

Alternative Learning Strategies

One of my favorite things about connecting and building friendships with people in our field is that not only do we just “get each other,” but we can nerd out on all things L&D just as easily as we can connect on our non-professional lives.

Recently, one L&D friend shared a unique role-practicing exercise that she had experienced in a coaching basics class. She, as the coach, was asked to play a persona -- the role of a child -- as she worked with her client.  She was instructed to focus on the quality of her role rather than assessing the quality of her interaction. The experience was a helpful developmental moment that involved crayons, markers, and laying on the floor; and the exercise had a powerful impact overall.

As learning professionals, we integrate theory and science with creativity and fun. This quarter, our Programs team is producing new workshops focused on 'Alternative Learning Strategies'. As a Chapter, we will dig into creative strategies and non-traditional tools that support learning transfer. If you’re like me, it’s easy to get caught up chasing precision or sticking to what has proven to be successful. However, as a result of this quarter’s programming theme and through intentional shared exploration, hopefully we will find ourselves integrating fresh ideas and inspiration into the learning experiences we design.

My challenge to you this quarter is to identify an alternative learning method that you have not used recently (or ever!) and integrate it into your work. Tell us how it goes by sending an email to research@atdpugetsound.org. We’d love to highlight your work and share your success with our ATD Puget Sound Chapter community.

As a board, we are honored to serve our mindful, articulate, curious and committed members. Thank you for growing together, challenging one another and investing in those around you.

Learning with you,

Sarah Schillen
Director of Research

Fun Facts about Alternative Learning Strategies:

      Yale University found that smelling crayons can reduce your blood pressure by up to 10%. It’s hard to learn things when you are stressed out. Integrating crayons into the classroom may be one easy way to help your participants feel more at home. 

      Music activates neural pathways and connects both sides of the brain in areas that are associated with emotions, cognition, and memory. When was the last time you tried to write a silly song? It might be time to incorporate music into your programs. ***Don’t miss the To the Bridge - Songwriting Workshop Sampler Member Event in Seattle on April 16th -- Register now! 

      Best practices from Improv can help us learn to listen more presently, observe with less judgement and adopt a “yes, and” approach in how we respond to others.

      Gamify your day, your meeting, or a module in your course. Games creative positive experiences, promote teamwork, increase productivity, foster creativity and evoke emotion. What a great recipe for learning! (hyperlink for bolded text:


Additional reading to help inspire playfulness:




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Alternative Learning Strategies: April-June

To the Bridge - A Song Writing Workshop Sampler, April 16 -- Register Now!

Join this workshop on incorporating music and songwriting into a learning experience!  

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