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President's Message About the New Pricing Structure - December 2016

Hello ATD Puget Sound Members,

Three years ago, the ATD Puget Sound (ATDps) Board developed a three-year strategic plan to develop member value, and to increase member engagement and member retention.   We felt that in today’s ever changing culture where time is limited, we needed to reevaluate what members receive for joining the organization. To realize this vision, in November we launched a new website which will allow us to offer information such as job postings, newsletter information, and chapter meeting documents exclusively to members of ATDps.  In addition, we recognized that we needed to host chapter meetings with topics that were relevant to you and that also support the ATD National competency model.  We respect that your time is limited and booked far in advance, so we have made it a priority to have chapter meetings posted 6 months in advance.  Lastly, we found through our data analysis and annual survey that our Talent Development members specialize in different areas within the industry.   We made a concerted effort to bring back our Special Interest Groups and Geographic Interest Groups to address the diverse needs of our membership.   We now have 6 SIGs/GIGs and are growing.   After spending two years developing our infrastructure, the Board is at a point where we can offer more benefits with your ATDps membership.

It is with great excitement that we announce a change to ATD Puget Sound Membership benefits.  Effective January 01, 2017, ATD Puget Sound Members will now receive: 

  • Free attendance to all chapter meetings; pre-registration is required
  • Free attendance to Special Interest Groups and Geographic Interest Groups (no change)
  • Significant price discounts to special events and the annual conference
  • Access to more robust member-only webpages to include chapter meeting documents, member contacts, newsletter postings, etc.

Additionally, effective January 01, 2017, ATD Puget Sound member pricing will change.  For members renewing after January 01, 2017, the renewal fee will increase by $10.00 going from $65.00 to $75.00.   This is the first pricing increase in over 10 years.

Our pricing for new members will increase from $75.00 to $125.00 and include all the member benefits listed above.    

In addition, we will change our pricing structure for non-member attendance to ATD Puget Sound events. We will increase our chapter meeting fee to $40 for non-members.   We value non-members attendance at our events as we believe we are an inclusive and safe place to learn.   We want to encourage all networking opportunities and diversity of thought.  

We are excited to expand our offerings and bring this change in 2017.   We are confident this positions the chapter to be a viable, engaging chapter focusing on the future of Talent Development Professionals in the Puget Sound region.

Kati O'Brien





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