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ATDps Summer School Series

June 17th - Join us as we explore the why and how to start having conversations that get better results. This 90 minute mini-workshop will generate excitement around an innovative leadership and development model, useful in helping organizations promote a culture of effective and “REAL” conversations, resources, and tools to optimize leadership skills >>>> Learn more and register.  Limited time only: Register for all 5 at this link.

July 7th  - This working session will focus primarily on upgrading your existing learning materials by introducing the core concepts of the Learning Cluster Model, then focusing on the nine elements of modern learning to improve current programs quickly and effectively. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own materials for direct and immediate application of the session content.>>>>Learn more and register.

August 25thThere are many tools for building eLearning, but our classic interactions can seem a bit stale to the modern learner in the era of YouTube and Tik Tok. In this hands-on workshop, you will build an eLearning course that prompts, challenges and supports the learner through a conversational chatbot, using free software and the planning tools provided in the workshop. >>>> Learn more and register

September 29thLearning can’t always happen in 15 minutes, 30, or even 60. Often times, learners need repeated attempts at a lesson in order to fully absorb the meaning and leave with the expected outcomes, particularly when learning interpersonal skills. What design can yield a safe environment for learners to fail constructively? Simulations offer time and space for learners to try multiple strategies in achieving the learning goal in a safe environment: practice reps for the real world. Join Bryan Guo as he reviews his research into simulations and guides attendees in best practices they can use to create compelling simulations of their own.>>>>Learn more and register.

September date to be determinedUX is a practice built on generally-applicable principles that focus on the interactions of the end user or learner. How will the learner absorb the information you’re delivering to them? How will they react to the activity you planned for them? How would they experience an e-learning differently than a live classroom event? What reactions are you trying to elicit?



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