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Our mission is to empower professionals to develop knowledge & skills successfully.



Be a Presenter

Interested in becoming a presenter
at a Member Event?

If your presentation is relevant, compelling and will be a value to our community, submit an application to the program committee!
Presentations are the cornerstone to our monthly member events, held on on a regular cadence throughout the year, and are no more 75 minutes in length. All presentations should provide an opportunity for active engagement and interaction between participants and be a:

  • Case study presentation and discussion

  • Hands-on workshop for participants to practice
    and apply skills

  • Panel discussion

Our members represent diverse backgrounds and experience in the workplace learning and performance community.  Members include trainers, organizational development practitioners, human resource professionals, instructional designers, managers and executives, internal and external consultants.

Please follow the link below to submit your presentation form. For questions, please contact

Submit Presentation Form

To learn more, please contact  

Things to keep in mind if selected:


  • As a non-profit, educational association, ATD Puget Sound does not provide monetary or other compensation for presentations.

  • Meeting registration is complimentary for presenters.

  • All travel, lodging, meals, special equipment purchases and equipment rentals are the speaker’s responsibility.

  • ATD Puget Sound develops and distributes promotional materials related to the presentation and may edit submitted information.

  • Location opens a half hour prior to the program for set-up.

  • ATD Puget Sound prohibits any overt sales of products or services.

  • Videotaping, audio taping and other forms of recording are prohibited unless otherwise approved by the program committee before the presentation.



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