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Instructional Designer

April 02, 2018 10:40 AM | ATDps Admin (Administrator)

Duration: 9 month contract (contract through the end of December)

Location: T-Mobile, Bellevue Campus

Hours: Mon-Fri 40 hrs/wk

Responsible for being onsite. Remote work allowed only for heads-down research work, however, management would like the resource to be onsite in Bellevue to interact with their pod and build rapport.

Travel: No travel necessary. May have an occasional need, but this is not common.


This Instructional Designer (ID) will be working within HR (human resources). They will be focusing their time developing leadership courses for T-Mobile employees, enterprise wide (roughly 50,000 employees). The content they create is for Sr. Management employees. The team also supports training and development for those that have been identified as a leader or as high-potential employees. The employee may be a new manager, or they may have never been a manager in the past. They are nominated into a 4 month program that this team creates the content/training for. The program focuses on building business acumen, how to be a coach, includes involvement from management employees (as SMEs). Content can be for retail associates, all the way up to senior level directors within T-Mobile.

100% of this Contractors time will be focused on building/creating/researching/ developing content. They will spend a lot of time at their desk, researching, pulling content together, having stakeholder calls, interviewing SMEs, etc. This position includes ZERO presentations, uploading to a CMS, or coordinating presentations, scheduling, etc. This person is not responsible for training or facilitating at all. ONLY CONTENT creation and the research this entails.

This particular pod that this Instructional Designer will join is for upper manager level resources (Sr. Manager wanting to become a Director) that have been nominated. This resource must have experience with senior leadership content creation.

Based on the details above, it is important that the resource has experience as an Instructional Designer, developing micro training for:

1. Senior Leadership or management training/course development


2. Coaching


3. Talent Management/leadership development

This Instruction Designer will join a pod that consists of:


2. Program Manager

3. Project Manager




Adobe Suite tools

If interested, please contact:

Shailee Aspiri


O: 425-278-0083



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P.O. Box 46368
Seattle, WA 98146


Email:  contact.us@atdpugetsound.org

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