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Conscious & Creative: A Leadership Workshop - 25% discount for ATDps Members

October 09, 2019 5:15 PM | ATDps Admin (Administrator)

Great leadership in today’s world is both conscious and creative - meaning, great leaders are operating from their inherent creative (vs. reactive) capacity, and leading from conscious choice and intention (vs. default or auto-pilot mode).

This workshop is all about helping YOU step into your most conscious and creative leadership style, through exploring the Universal Model of Leadership and your specific Leadership Circle Profile. Built on a synthesis of the last few decades of Leadership Development research, this model offers an elegant way to (1) become more conscious of the entire range of creative and reactive leadership competencies we all have in our toolkit and (2) shift from defaulting into the reactive, and instead, lead from our creative capacity.

The discount code is LEARN and it is currently an option for registration.

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