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Workers Compensation Analyst at Community Transit

November 14, 2020 2:25 PM | ATDps Admin (Administrator)

Overview (More details)

Under the general direction of the Human Resources Program Manager, the Workers Compensation Analyst is responsible for claims management (monitoring, administration and coordinating return-to-work services) for injured workers in accordance with program policy, procedures, state regulations and collective bargaining agreements.  Assisting the Agency in the return-to-work of injured workers by collaborating with employees, supervisors, managers, Employee Engagement representatives, L&I, providers, Disability Services, vendors, and other administrative units, and vocational rehabilitation counselors on complex workers’ compensation claims.   The Analyst has a critical role as part of the employee wellness initiatives of Community Transit and plays an important role to ensure that the Agency follows federal and state guidelines for job safety, disability law and claims management that could affect the rights of employees or employers.


The Workers Compensation Analyst serves as a reviewer of and subject matter expert on, the appropriateness of the return-to-work components of all workers’ compensation claims.  Finally, the Workers Compensation Analyst works with managers and supervisors proactively by helping to create alternative work opportunities, encouraging modified duty programs and facilitating transitioning employees back to work. 

Essential Duties

  1. Proactively identifies matches between light duty work within departments and injured workers’ medical restrictions to facilitate employees return to work and minimize time loss on workers’ compensation claims.  This includes collaboration with attending providers, injured workers, supervisors and managers, Employee Engagement staff, L&I claims managers and others to reduce or avoid time loss.
  2. Reviews claims filed by employees for completion and timely submission.  Reviews the medical and return-to-work aspects of workers’ compensation claims and communicates changes in restrictions to appropriate Agency staff on a regular and continuous basis.
  3. Consults with the Third Party Administrator claims staff to evaluate workers’ compensation claims and discuss return-to-work options.
  4. Contacts injured workers, supervisors, managers, and medical providers to place injured workers in light duty roles within their medical restrictions while they recover from job related injuries.  Manages incident case files.
  5. Participates in all Injury investigation meetings to ensure consistent application throughout the agency, and to communicate to others in order to prevent and/or mitigate Risk throughout the Agency.
  6. Prepares and disseminates trend information for key departments on a regular basis. Conducts regular claim reviews with Third Party Administrator.  Coordinates with payroll personnel concerning continuation of pay or light duty hours.
  7. Maintains data consistent with data integrity standards in Claim Services.  Responsible for audit and annual reporting preparation.
  8. Provides training to all new hires during orientation, to leads, supervisors and managers on injury prevention, injury investigation, timely reporting of claims and return-to-work options.  Makes presentations to audiences of various sizes on claim trends and risk management.
  9. Identifies and recommends policy changes related to worker injury and return-to-work.
  10. Serves on the Safety Committee and relevant committees as appropriate and as requested.  Works on special projects or teams at the request of the Human Resources Manager.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or relevant academic field. Certification in workers’ compensation can substitute for the bachelor’s degree.
  • Seven years of experience in one or more of the following, preferably in Washington:
    1. Managing the return-to-work function of an employer or worked closely with an employer on returning employees back to work; or
    2. Managing workers’ compensation claims; or
    3. Vocational rehabilitation consulting.



  • Disability expertise and/or certification(s).
  • Experience in Occupational Medicine.
  • Washington Workers Compensation Professional designation.
  • AIC, CPCU.
  • Experience with in-house workers’ compensation claims program.



ATD Puget Sound Chapter
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Email:  contact.us@atdpugetsound.org

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