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August 2014 Chapter Meeting - Obtain Commitment to Learning Easily: Master the Art of Paradigm Shifting

  • August 19, 2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • 2100 Building, 2100 – 24th Ave South - Seattle, WA 98144
  • 70


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    Walk in rate will be $20.
  • Special pre-registration rate for non-members.
    Walk in rate will be $30.

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 ASTDps: August 2014 Chapter Meeting

Obtain Commitment to Learning Easily: Master the Art of Paradigm Shifting


If you never face resistance to your training you can skip this meeting-THE REST OF US ARE SIGNING UP!!!

Have you ever had the opportunity to create and facilitate a training program for an audience that you KNOW will be opposed to the material?  It can be challenging, and way too easy to end up spending more time working through their resistance than on the material itself.  That’s where Paradigm Shifters come in.

“People believe their own data.”  Influential thought leader Bob Pike (bobpikegroup.com) inspired me with this famous quote.  Paradigm Shifters, also referred to as awareness activities or perception checks, are stories, exercises, case studies, quizzes, jokes-any type of activity that allows participants to experience why the training material is valid and relevant, so that they express why they should learn it.

Paradigm shifters are especially important to those of us who facilitate learning in leadership and interpersonal skills, as we are working to modify behaviors based on long-standing habits, values, and core values.

This program will demonstrate the power of paradigm shifters, offer multiple examples, and teach participants to create and facilitate their own. 

Upon program completion, participants will be able to:
• Explain what paradigm shifters are and why they work.
• Design paradigm shifters for their current training program(s).
• Facilitate paradigm shifters for their current training program(s). 



7:30 AM – Doors open, networking
8:00 AM – Presentation
9:00 AM – Raffle drawing, additional networking
9:30 AM - End

About the Presenter

Lynne Lazaroff has over 25 years of progressive international experience in leadership development.

Lynne is spontaneous, humorous, inclusive, and the very definition of high energy.  She creates a safe and significantly entertaining learning environment.  Participants are challenged to stretch beyond their comfort zones to explore their potential and maximize their performance.

Lynne began her career in Washington, D.C., as a training specialist for the George Washington University and Medical Center.  Lynne then was an independent performance consultant and trainer for five years, founding and owning her firm, Action Management Training and Consulting.  Lynne then moved west and has since transitioned it to The Leadership Dimension. 

- Member $15.00
(walk in rate Members $20)
Pre-Registration - Non-Member $20.00
(walk-in rate $30)

Online registration closes on the Sunday prior to the chapter meeting. At that time we are no longer able to accept pre-registrations.

Please note that once the online registration is closed, we encourage and welcome you to attend and pay at the door.






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