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We’re thrilled to tell you about a valuable new addition to your chapter membership! All ATDps members are invited to join the new online community, hosted on Slack. This will be the place for you to connect, communicate, and collaborate casually with fellow members across the Puget Sound region.

Already a Slack member and just need the link? Click here

To get started on Slack for the first time, just click here. Note: You’ll be prompted to “enter the email address you use for work.” Instead, we recommend you use your personal email, so you will keep your access to the community even if you switch jobs. Once you enter an email, you’ll automatically be taken to the ATDps “workspace” channel - where our community awaits.

Hope you enjoy the new ATD Puget Sound Online Community -- we look forward to connecting with you there!

Have questions? Keep reading!

What is Slack?

A free, digital collaboration hub that can replace email so that people work together seamlessly. Think of it as enhanced and improved instant messaging and file sharing.

Why is ATDps using it?

The collective knowledge, experience and networks of our members is an invaluable resource. ATDps wants to provide a digital place of community and connection that makes it easy for us to learn from each other.

Added bonus: Slack is a popular collaboration tool used by many companies across the Puget Sound region. Joining this community will give you a chance to gain familiarity with this popular app.

What kind of content might I find on the Membership channel?

In addition to engaging in conversation with your peers, other ways we’re hoping to use the channel for may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tip, Question and/or Resource of the Week
  • Collaborate and ideate with other L & D professionals
  • Gather feedback on presentations, frameworks, documents, etc
  • Latest news on ATDps programming
  • Job openings and who to connect with for the inside scoop
  • Member spotlights – Stories of Success!
  • Updates and reminders on other benefits of membership
  • Virtual “meet ups” that give you fun face time with other members

Do I have to use it?

Not at all! This is completely opt-in -- but it's highly-recommended as the quickest way to connect with other ATDps members and supercharge your networking efforts and career development.

How does it work?

Slack works in your browser, so you don't have to install any software if you don't want to. Or you can install the free Slack app on your computer or mobile device.

OK, I joined the ATDps Membership Channel. Now what?

If you’re new to Slack, this is the best place to go for lots of information on how to get the most of your experience. If you want even more detail or guidance, check out this excellent resource.

Am I going to get spammed? I don't want a bunch more email to deal with.

Nope! You can set your preferences so you only get the notifications you want. Learn how to set your notification preferences.

I have even more questions. Who do I ask?

Once you join Slack, you can ask general questions on the channel. Our volunteers already use Slack and can help you. If you have questions before you join, you can email us here.

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